High quality audio solutions for commercial audio applications by HARMAN

Some of solutions that we’ve developed are totally unexpected. For example, Suitable Technologies utilizes HARMAN audio technology in their Beam+ Portable Video Conferencing Device. Another example might be the HARMAN microphone that’s utilized in a mission-critical communication device made by MSA for fire fighters.

Whatever your application, if your device has a microphone or a speakers, we can develop a great solution for you.

Understanding Your Needs

Our first step is to completely understand your needs and the device specifications. Maybe you’re still at the concept phase and you don’t have any specifications yet. That’s OK. We’ll work with your team to develop the audio system requirements and then we’ll propose a cost-effective solution.


Audio System Design & Integration

HARMAN has a very broad base of experience to help you optimize your audio.  Small form factors, tough environmental conditions, packaging constraints, you name it! If it has a microphone or a speaker, we can give you great audio.


Cost-Effective Audio

Cost is always a key element for any product. Sometimes cost is so important that effectiveness becomes an after-thought. Have you really accomplished your objective if your product meets it’s cost targets, but doesn’t satisfy end-user customer requirements?

At HARMAN, we believe cost-effective audio. In other words, we’re great at balancing cost and performance to hit your cost targets and your customer requirements. And because we take a total systems approach, we won’t leave you wondering how, or if, all of the parts and pieces work together. 

Great Audio Examples

Here are some examples of solutions that we’ve helped develop: