High quality audio for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and TVs by HARMAN

HARMAN offers high quality audio for a variety of consumer electronics devices, ranging from smartphones all the way up to Ultra high-definition TVs and everythng in-between. Our engineers can help you find the right speaker or microphone for your application and will make sure it is optimized for your product. If your device is using the Android OS, HARMAN can also help you tune and optimize the system for excellent reliability and a great user experience.

Mobile Device Solutions for Smartphones and Tablets

HARMAN offers both audio and Android solutions for your mobile device.

Great audio starts with great system design. HARMAN can provide audio system design, integration, and tuning. Whether you utilize HARMAN high performance transducers and microphones or audio hardware from another source, we’ll optimize it and make it sound great!

Other elements of our audio solution include:

  • High performance transducers and microphones. Click for more information.
  • Leading edge software products to enhance the user experience. Click for more information.
  • Co-branding to generate differentiation from your competitors and instant equity in the marketplace. Offering a high-quality headphone helps to delight your customers and enhance the value perception of your device. Click for more information.

HARMAN offers a wide range of Android services to help ensure that your end- user experience is fully optimized. Android services include:

  • Design and optimization
  • Platform extensions / modifications
  • Image Signal pipeline (ISP) optimization / Tuning
  • Application and service development (pre or Post loaded)
  • Google Mobile Services (GMS) certification
  • Post Launch Validation, Updating, and Support:
    • Field testing
    • Variant creation / localization support
    • Android platform upgrades
    • Google security update integration
    • Platform maintenance services

Ultrabook & Notebook Solutions

HARMAN offers outstanding, high-output sound from the most challenging installations.  Our super performance transducers are high quality and cost effective with HARMAN patented design.  Also, HARMAN gives full technical support on acoustical, electrical and mechanical engineering and software consultations.

HARMAN offers a large selection of microphones designed to increase the functionality of ultrabooks and notebooks. Our high performance microphones and surface mount technology (SMT) have many advantages.  The microphones have a small form factor, reducing the total space consumed, and there is no need for connectors.  SMT microphones are the perfect, cost-effective solution to your microphone needs.

TV, Computer Monitor, and All-in-one Computer Solutions

HARMAN provides high quality audio in TVs, monitors and all-in-one devices. It is custom integrated for a life-like experience and provides outstanding, high-output sound.

HARMAN speakers for TVs, monitors and all-in-one devices bring realistic, high-output sound. Its thinness is the ultimate asset. Let’s work together in achieving the best possible acoustic performance for your device.

HARMAN MEMS microphones for TVs, monitors and all-in-one devices are the perfect solution.  MEMS have a small form factor and great sound quality, an important attribute for designing microphones for space constrained devices.

Audio Solutions for other devices

HARMAN engineers, manufactures and markets a wide range of leading-edge, sub-miniature speakers and microphones for an equally broad range of electronic devices.

HARMAN can also design and manufacture your custom audio device. Recently, HARMAN worked with Whirlpool to develop a high quality Bluetooth audio device for the unused space on top of the refrigerator called the CoolVox.