Transducer Solutions

HARMAN transducers are optimized for high performance business devices. We offer speakers and subassemblies optimized for handset, speakerphones, video conferencing and other telecom applications.

Microphone Solutions

HARMAN offers a complete array of electret condenser microphones (ECM), delivering high quality at a low price.  Our microphones have exceptional signal to noise ratio, integrated housing designed to achieve acoustic excellence and proprietary ╬╝Technologies.

Receiver Solutions

HARMAN is a major developer and provider of innovative, cost-effective receivers for wideband voice communication applications. The small form factor and low distortion is ideal for your business devices.

Technology Solutions

HARMAN also offers innovative technology solutions, like VoiceLogic, that have application to telephone conferencing. VoiceLogic includes a suite of patented speech processing algorithms such as beam forming, echo cancellation and noise suppression technologies. All of this, without introducing any digital artifacts or distortion.