High Quality Audio Solutions for consumer electronics, enterprise, IOT & robotics

HARMAN offers a wide variety of solutions for your audio needs. If your device has a speaker or a microphone, we can develop a solution for you that puts you a step ahead of your competition, thrills your end-user customers, and still meets your cost and quality objectives.

Far Field Voice Technology

HARMAN’s new Sonique Far Field Voice Input Technology enables devices in the consumer electronics, IOT, Enterprise, and Robotics segments to clearly capture voice inputs, even in high ambient noise environments.

Consumer Electronics Audio

From mobile devices, like smartphones, all the way up to Ultra-High Definition TVs, HARMAN’s consumer electronics audio solutions will have an amazing impact on your business. 


Alcatel Idol 3 with JBL Audio

Enterprise Telephony Audio

HARMAN offers high quality audio for conference phones and business audio devices. 

Commercial Audio

HARMAN offers high quality audio for almost any audio device.  From mission-critical audio for communications among firefighters to break-through communications devices, like the Beam, we can develop a high quality audio solution to meet your needs.

Branded and Bundled  Audio Solutions

HARMAN offers a complete portfolio of Legendary Audio Brands, including JBL, harman kardon, AKG, and Mark Levinson to give your product instant equity with your target customers. Additionally, we offer a portfolio of headphones and consumer audio devices that can be bundled with your product to add value to your selling proposition.

LG Tone Ultra Headphones with JBL Signature Audio

Co-Branded Partners

HARMAN partners with some of the best consumer electronics companies in the world. Our branded partners offer a wide range of products, ranging from mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets, to larger devices, like 4k UHD TV, to leading edge IOT (Internet of Things) devices.