Experience the high quality JBL audio in Coocaa TVs

Coocaa and JBL partnered to bring high quality audio to the Coocaa line of TVs.

The A2 TV is the newest in Coocaa’s line of TVs. It has a number of unique attributes that set it apart from other TVs, such as an excellent aesthetic design and outstanding user experience. It comes equipped with Android 6.0 and a 2 year membership with iQiyi. The JBL audio system includes 8 JBL speakers – 2 tweeters, 2 mid-range and 4 bass radiators. The result is a highly immersive audio experience.

The T55 TV is Coocaa’s first Internet TV. It’s slim – only 7.9mm wide. The TV includes optical touch technology, transforming the TV into a large touch screen.

  • The A2 comes in 50”, 55” and 65”.
  • The T55 comes in 50” and 55”.

Coocaa A2 TV featuring JBL audio

Coocaa T55 TV featuring JBL audio