Learn More About HARMAN Embedded Audio

Learn More About HARMAN Embedded Audio

The HARMAN Embedded Audio Team was formed in July, 2011, when Harman International, the worldwide leader in high-quality audio, voice, and connected technologies, acquired MWM Acoustics.

MWM had been founded in 1997 by three former Bell Labs engineers Alan Michel, Chris Welsh, and Jeff McAteer. MWM had grown to become a leading provider of high performance, cost effective microphone, speaker, and receiver solutions for the telecommunications & related industries.

HARMAN Embedded Audio combines the rich heritage of MWM Acoustics with the very broad capabilities of HARMAN International. The HARMAN Embedded Audio Team is part of HARMAN International's Lifestyle Division. The Embedded Team focuses on the Consumer Electronics, IOT, Enterprise, and Robotics segments. 

HARMAN Embedded Audio is a global organization. Our technical sales team covers the world, with representatives in North America, Europe (covering Europe, the Middle East, and Africa), China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. We have engineering centers in Northridge, CA, and Shenzen, China. Most manufacturing operations are located in China.

As one of the world's leading audio, voice, and connected technologies companies, HARMAN International is no stranger to leading the way; in fact, that's what we've been doing for more than 70 years. From the world's first stereo receiver to the first concert hall loudspeaker, our innovations and our legendary brands have been responsible for changing the way people experience music and entertainment. HARMAN International is the only company in the world to have won three Grammy awards for technical excellence. We lead by example, committed to finding new ways to bring exciting products and technologies into homes, studios and venues around the world.