Leading-edge Audio & Voice Software Technology

Leading-edge Audio & Voice Software Technology

HARMAN Embedded Audio offers unique leading-edge audio & voice software technologies to enhance the end-user experience without any changes to your device design or hardware.

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Audio Output Software Technology

Easily & effectively enhance your end-user listening experience with our audio output software technologies.

AudioEFX Tuning

This powerful audio tuning solution can improve the audio performance of any device up to 50%. Features include dynamic equalization, which allows the device EQ to change as the volume increases – without distortion, and precision tuning for a variety of audio elements, such as bass, treble, volume, dialog, and spatial widening. AudioEFX will work on mono, stereo, and crossover systems.

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Clari-Fi Music Restoration

Clari-Fi restores compressed digital audio to near-CD quality. Clari-Fi automatically analyzes the digital audio file during playback and “rebuilds” what was lost in compression. This technology goes directly to the root of the problem and treats the corrupt audio signal – creating sounds that are clearer, crisper, wider and more dynamic - resulting in improved realism and fidelity. Clari-Fi works with discrete audio files, streaming audio and the audio tracks of YouTube videos.

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LiveStage creates a deeper and richer listening experience by expanding the sound stage, either on headphones or by using the existing speakers on a mobile device, laptop, or flatscreen TV. This technology is useful for music playback, but is especially useful for videos, creating an immersive video experience. LiveStage is compatible with any stereo or multi-channel (5.1 or 7.1) track. LiveStage is also completely automatic and will work on any device that has at least two speakers.

Voice Input Software Technology

VoiceLogic is leading-edge voice input technology that significantly improves the clarity of voice communications by minimizing a wide variety of background noises - without distorting the user’s voice.

Ambient noise of all types - traffic noise, crowd noise, and driving noise - are all transmitted to your listener during a phone call, making it very difficult to hear what’s being said. VoiceLogic filters out ambient noise and cancels echos before they are ever transmitted to the listener. VoiceLogic’s sophisticated algorithms eliminate latency and enable this software to be very dynamic, always focusing in on the talker, whether the talker is moving or whether the noise source is moving.

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