Subminiature Microphones by HARMAN

Subminiature Microphones by HARMAN

HARMAN brings decades of innovation and design excellence to the most important element of your device -- the microphone. HARMAN offers best-in-class microphone solutions for a premium end-user experience.

As a leading innovator in microphone development, HARMAN Embedded Audio supplies component microphones and sub-assemblies to many of the world’s top consumer electronics brands. We offer stock and customized microphones and assemblies in all form factors and technologies, and for all types of applications. Our design team enables you to extract the maximum acoustical performance from the transducer you select.

Experts in packaging of acoustical components, signal processing, and acoustical porting, HARMAN is the ideal design partner for your audio product team. Our R&D team can provide design validation ranging from modeling and simulation to compliance and standards testing. Our team's collective goal is to give you the best value and performance in a microphone.

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