Audio & Voice Solutions for Enterprise Devices

Audio & Voice Solutions for Enterprise Devices

Cost, performance, and reliability are critical criteria for your enterprise customers.

HARMAN Embedded Audio can develop a robust solution that meets these criteria for almost any enterprise device - business communications and conferencing, first responder communications and voice capture, the needs of the medical community, or any other enterprise function.

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Business Communications & Conferencing Solutions

HARMAN has many years of experience developing enterprise communications and conferencing solutions. This includes VOIP phones, conferencing systems, and display systems. As a pioneer in the development and commercialization of wideband telephony and conferencing systems, HARMAN Embedded Audio can help make your new communications, conferencing, or training device a success.

First Responder Communications & Voice Capture

Excellent communications and voice capture are mission-critical elements for first-responders. HARMAN has years of experience developing solutions for first responders to ensure that both voice inputs and audio outputs are crisp and clear, no matter what the environment.

Lately, we've been helping our customers to capture the sound of police interaction with the public. Sophisticated voice capture software that not only captures all the sounds, but also indicates the direction of a sound can be highly useful in helping to follow an incident in real time or reconstruct the incident after the fact.

Medical Device Solutions

Other Enterprise Solutions