Gain a powerful, scalable audio tuning solution that improves the audio performance of any device with AudioEFX

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HARMAN offers full engineering services for implementation and tuning to achieve optimal performance in your specific device.

Audio Output / Input post-processing Software Technology
Audio Output / Input post-processing Software Technology
HARMAN AudioEFX is an audio post-processing sound suite that runs on Android, Windows and Linux, and along with the tuning expertise from our Engineers, offers an ideal solution to improve sound for small speakers in portable and multimedia devices like notebooks, smartphones, tablets, TV’s, conference phones, smart speakers, etc.

Advanced AudioEFX algorithms. Winning sound optimization. Low power consumption.

AudioEFX tool is installed on the device and tuned by either your or our audio engineer to generate tuning files for each model, that are then pre-installed on each device.​ 
  • Smart​ BASS – Turn your speaker into a powerhouse of deep and rich low-frequency sound without damaging the hardware
  • Smart LEVELER – Turn your device into an intelligent unit that balance sound and volume levels
  • Smart DYNAMICS – Enhance and align your speaker’s volume​
  • Smart VIRTUALIZATION – You will get a broad, larger-than-life sound stage​
  • Smart EQ – Be the master of all sound in your device. No matter how you want the sound, you can have it​​
  • Smart TREBLE – Wake up your ears and mind in order to create the most crystal clear audio output​
Before the microphone signal is send to an Automatic speech recognition algorithm the signal must be cleaned up. Microphone processing is applied to clean-up the intended voice input signal and remove the other noise sources​

​Used for – Cortana, Siri, Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Skype Voice Calls.​​
Get a powerful audio tuning solution that can improve the audio performance of any device. Dynamic equalization, precision tuning and all the support that you need.

  • Tuning of algorithms to your specific
  • Device Debugging
  • Ensure support for new versions of operating systems
  • Support technical and sales team with training sessions
  • Direct support with the customer, if requested

Hear and experience the difference

Hear two examples of sound and compare the difference between the audio clips with and without AudioEFX

Audio Clip 1​
Audio Clip 2
Audio Clip 1
Audio Clip 2