Amazing audio start with HARMAN Speakers

Amazing audio start with HARMAN Speakers

Make sure that every sound is crystal clear with industry-leading technology that drives a new standard in quality.

The best transducers. The most sophisticated design engineering. HARMAN delivers top-rated performance for an amazing experience.

Quality. Reliability. Value. That’s the standard you’ll get when you add HARMAN as a partner to work on your audio and speakers needs for your next product launch. And with our personalized design expertise, coupled with our top Golden Ear engineering talent, we can help you find the right speaker for your application — optimized for your product and budget.
Transducers for Smartphones & Tablets
HARMAN offers a complete range of transducers and receivers for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Our high-performance transducers are designed to optimize sound quality. Our tablet and MLS Series speakers offer a flatter frequency response, lower THD, more power handling and louder output.​

Transducers for Laptops/Ultrabooks
HARMAN provides a complete range of transducers for laptops and ultrabooks, built from a decade of leading industry experience. From audio system design, performance and development – we’re the pioneers of thin-format, high-power speakers. Our newest laptop/ultrabook technology, called Performance Sound, greatly expands the audio performance of a typical laptop/ultrabook by providing more precise higher frequencies, more bass, and an overall increase in loudness – without distortion. The transducers are only 2.95mm in height, so that they can be used in very thin applications.

Transducers for TVs/Monitors/AIO computers
HARMAN offers a complete range of transducers for televisions, monitors, and all-in-one computers – custom integrated for a life-like experience. They provide high-output sound from the most challenging installations. Our newest TV technology, called Slim Sound, utilizes arrays of very thin transducers to provide excellent clarity and loudness, without distortion, along with a wireless subwoofer for full, rich bass. The result is fully immersive, high quality audio within a thin form factor common on today's premium flatscreen TVs.​